Why We Do It

Because we believe in providing great quality Healthcare

High compliance with clinical guidelines
Reduce variation in healthcare delivery
High adoption of information technology
Cost of care reduction strategies

How We Do It

By providing a physician partnership model, we are able to accomplish several goals.

Provider Alignment

We establish an engaged core physician group with consistent staffing

Process Improvement

We make use of system based EMR or template medical records system, and workgroups to focus on process improvement

Exceptional Physicians

Our end game is to facilitate a systematic group of the best physicians that have the toolset to continuously improve and support the management of the department.

Front Line Collaboration

We constantly collaborate with the nursing, consultant and hospital executive teams


  • Data Driven iPhone
  • Streamline Processes
  • Increase Yield
  • Save Time
  • Data Driven

    We offer data-driven management and real expertise in Emergency Department Services
  • Streamline Processes

    We explore not only the foundation but the complete extent of the efficiency process. Our process improvement strategies are based on lean proven methodologies and fully transparent collaborative relationships with hospitals and physicians.
  • Increase Yield

    Our data driven process improvement strategies help us increase yield in a jarring health care industry
  • Save Time

    Our services aim to enhance patient experience by making their visits better, faster, and more efficient.
  • Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up

    - - -Pablo Picasso- - -
  • Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

    - - -James Russell Lowell- - -
  • "Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

    - Napoleon Hill -

Our Skills

What makes PEMM successful

Working as a Unit

As a boutique company, by its very nature, PEMM has the ability to meet consistently with the physicians and hospital management to maximize the alignment of all parties. Key performance and quality indicators are established with the expectation to succeed. Being shareholders in the endeavor, the Physicians are uniquely motivated to surpass all goals.

Working Efficiently

PEMM’s management will work within the facility to fine-tune all processes.  Our group is always part of the decision process, whether it be adjusting the staffing schedule, or making changes to the patient flow model.  Due to our compartmentalization, we can react, address and make changes in a rapid manner.

Working with Data

PEMM’s data-mining implementation offers almost unlimited statistics to the facility.  Together, PEMM and the hospital determine what metrics are of interest, then dashboards are created, updated, and made available to hospital management. PEMM’s ability to offer detailed data as needed allows the hospital to continually select the amount and type of data needed.

Working from Experience

PEMM’s executive team brings years of real expertise to the table.  The founders are both ED physician and ED Management Company experienced individuals, who have already identified and alleviated the traditional road blocks to success prior to the initiation of a new contract. PEMM desires to prosper in such a manner that the hospital will, if not already, be consistently recognized as the area leader in Emergency Services.

What Makes PEMM Different

Our mission is to provide a premier patient experience and premium quality of care through Physician Partnership and Facility Alignment.

Physician Recruitment

PEMM and the Hospital TOGETHER select the core physicians to lead the group. Initially, the administrative team of the facility suggests individuals who meet their specific requirements. In turn, PEMM then approaches those selected to make them the foundation of the group.

Physician Equity

These core physicians will be owners of the contract, along with PEMM.  With this unique approach, the physicians have the ability to not only earn a competitive hourly rate, but are also eligible for periodic “profit sharing”.


The way we work is determined by our values, providing a framework which all of our stakeholders understand and respect. We actively encourage openness, and make ourselves available to employees so they may discuss any issues.

Absolute Integrity

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